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Hey there~ Feel free to call me Za. 8D
You'll probably find me changing icons every so often... I'm very picky.
I want to change my username. D':< My weeaboo stage is donee.

Mah Homegurl:

Best Friend 5 Ever:

These People Are Just Greatsdfghjkl:


Lady Phantomhive by midori555
Lady Phantomhive
I tried more advanced techniques of watercolouring this time. :la: I ripped the paper like, 10 times.
Also, an excuse to draw Ciel's lovely dress and hair~ o7o

I only own the art.
Finni by midori555
I'm one of those few people who like to spell his name 'Finni'. I guess I just like how it looks? XD

So, here's Finnian again, my still beloved minor character. Because wow brah: shota + blonde hair + hair clips = a freaking package deal that I would take anytime man.

But how about them daisies, huh? :iconpapcryplz:

Editing this, as usual, was such a problem for me. I'm really no good with it. :X It's either always too vibrant or too saturated or something along those lines and it drives me nuts.

I tried watercolour pencils with this one this time, it was alright I guess. XD Considering that I'm not very good at painting in general, I'm still trying to build up my skills in hopes that one day when I am skilled enough, I will laugh back at my futile little self.
As for digital drawings, I'm not too sure when I'm going to go back to it. It's been a while, and I quite like traditional still. o7o

And, as usual, I do not own anything except the art.
Evin by midori555
I tried my hand at semi-realism. It was originally a practice for faces looking up but when I searched for reference I found this really nice picture and decided to try to work from it. X) I think I still need more practice for the body specifically. :(

Evin's another OC. 8D She was one of those OCs that I just made up as I drew, no planning and stuff involved. XD I had actually drawn her in a few illustrations from early - mid last year and stuck with her design whilst drawing this.

My scanner's really whack.
OC Collaboration by midori555
OC Collaboration
A bunch of Naruto OCs I created, on one page. They're all from the same little A5 book. :)
This is actually quite old, and looking at it now, I can see all the awkward anatomy features and positions. :iconpapcryplz:

EDIT: For some reason, it appears much lighter when you don't zoom in.

I don't own Naruto.
Gunslinger Duo by midori555
Gunslinger Duo
Moar OCs. :3
But... I guess you can't call them gunslingers, since they have a bunch of other weapons on with them... And you can't even see the guns.
I have a bunch of drawings stashed into my little A5 book, containing mostly OCs.
To the left is Kuro(bane), the OC I've used for several fandoms. To the right is Shiro (this is one naming cliché I'll never get tired of. If anything, it makes me laugh. XD). His head position looks kind of strange, now that I had a good look at it. D'8
These are the two in the KH/FF fandom/universe/setting thingy, I guess. :iconblushplz:

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